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Utah entrepreneur Kevin Jones answers questions about if day trading is right for everyone and its non-financial benefits.

Kevin Jones Day Trading Interview Transcript:

Is Day Trading Right For Everyone?

“I think day trading can be right for everyone. But it’s, again, it’s gonna go back to less of a skill thing and more of a discipline thing for a lot of people. It’s similar to taking on any other type of skill, like a golf, taking on golf, for example. Or if you were learning to build something, right, if you if you wanted to frame a home, there’s a certain level of skill that takes place with that.

But then there’s also going to be a level of discipline that takes place. And the level of discipline with golf is probably something that I do the same thing over and over or that I go a certain amount of time I go, often enough building, it’s going to be the difference between setting your your your wall studs at 16 inches, exactly, or 16 and a half inches, or 16 and three quarter inches. If you have the discipline to do it at 16 inches, exactly, then you’re going to have a better product at the end.

And that’s the difference is you can learn the skill, but you also have to have some discipline around it. And that’s going to be the thing that I would say would differentiate people. But if you can get if you can convince yourself to be disciplined around it, I don’t see any reason that somebody shouldn’t qualify to be a day trader.”

What Are Benefits. of Day Trading Outside of Income?

“Yeah, outside of just making money day trading, and specifically the education that we give people is going to affect every purchasing decision, every major purchasing decision that they make in the future. They’ll just be able to analyze markets in a way they’ll understand the real estate market a little bit better, they’ll understand why inflation happens the way that it does.

Furthermore, they’ll understand more about just general economics and being able to know when to buy and sell large purchases. They’ll be able to protect themselves against certain things that the economy might throw at them. One of which like an inflation or deflation though, let’s just learn those type of things that aren’t directly related to day to day dollars and cents in an Audi account.”

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