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Matthew Poll Day Trading For Good

Matthew Poll Day Trading For Good is video interview of Matt Poll conducted April of 2021. In the video, he talks about Day Trade For Good and his role within it.

Matthew Poll Day Trading For Good Interview Transcript

“Yeah, so day trade for good is not another business. I’ve heard some people say like, it’s some separate business we’re running or whatever. It’s not, it’s a program.

So day trade for good is a program within our business, where we’re saying, you know what, like, we’re doing this thing, we’re making a difference for people. And we want to start giving back to the community.

So what we have done is we’ve taken our whole organization, and we’ve surveyed, like, what matters to you guys? Like what Where do you want to make a difference in the community on the planet? And if we did that, like how, how would we go about taking revenue, like real money that’s coming in to our business, and make a difference for the community in this area?

Hearts and Hands for Humanity

An example of that is every quarter, so every three months, we just we survey and pick a nonprofit that our group does. This quarter, for example, we just switched over to hearts enhance for humanity, which is a nonprofit that goes to Africa, and they drill these fresh water wells in these villages. That I mean, people are dying, because they’re getting water from just really, I mean, if you went over there and saw it, you’d get it. It’s just it’s not humane. Family members are dying. And these wells that were this organizations drilling for like 510 $1,000 per well, is making massive is having massive impact in the community.

So this quarter, we decided to team up with hearts and hands to donate. Anyone who comes in as a trial that the dollar amount that they pay for the trial goes directly every dollar goes directly towards that organization. So we’re saying to people, look, we live in a different time. We live in a world where you’re more responsible for your funding. Answers than ever before, why don’t you come test what we’re doing, you’ve heard about this day train thing, great contest where we’re doing, and the small dollar amount that we’re going to ask from you to test our product to test what we’re doing to see if a train is right for you, we’re going to take all of that money, and donated this quarter to, in this case, hearts and hands for humanity.

Future Charities

And we’ll change it, you know, next quarter will probably shift it to something else. Whatever our group decides, but we really have made this about, let’s make it about the people. For the people who want to know how to do this who haven’t had the opportunity, we’re gonna give them that opportunity.

Then the money that we’re we’re taking from it, we’re gonna put it towards a cause that our group feels like is making a difference in the community. So it’s really a, it’s kind of a give, give, like we’re really giving and giving on this side of our business. And then of course, we’re in business to make money. Of course, we’re doing that. If it makes sense for people who test our product, fall in love with it. Or really decide like, “Oh, this is a part of my life I want to adopt. I want to start learning how to trade or invest on a higher level, then they can say yes.

And at that point, we engage and then there’s some you know, money exchanged and agreements made between our clients. But until then, we’re just out helping making a difference in the community.”

About Matthew Poll

Matthew Poll, AKA Matt Poll, is an entrepreneur, investor and life coach based out of Silicon Slopes in Lehi, Utah. Furthermore, he is the co founder of GTF, a company which he helped establish in September of 2008.

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