Kevin Jones and Matthew Poll of Utah | Donation to Hearts and Hands For Humanity

Imagine walking a mile daily to retrieve the water needed for your family. The unsanitary water gathered from an unclean water source where cattle drink, is the only place available to you. Consider what that same water source would mean for your children at school, where water is stored in large buckets on a dirt floor.

Then, imagine for another moment, that a new Center Earth Human Powered Drill has been provided by donors such as Kevin Jones and Matthew Poll of Day Trade for Good, a drill that is powered completely by hand – and what that means – knowing that clean water is available through the instrumentality of an “innovative drill” which is “100% human-powered”.

Hearts and Hands for Humanity

Hearts and Hands for Humanity, a nonprofit organization founded by Verlyn Harris and in cooperation with Brigham Young University, has but one dream: providing clean water for those in need. The nonprofit organization, who has now joined hands with Vasayo, a health and wellness company, have set a goal together to dig 1,000 wells so that “1 million needy children and adults who heretofore have not had access to clean water will finally have this precious resource”(Vasayo Founder, Dallin A Larsen,

According to, “Every minute, in Africa alone, a child under the age of 5 dies due to water-related disease.” But with the help of many, “lives are saved” health is improved, food is made more readily available, local economies flourish, and children are “empower[ed] to better their lives by spending more time in school”.

Yes, lives in Africa have not only been changed; they have been saved.

“Clean water can make all the difference, and together, we can make that difference for generations to come,” states Hearts and Hands. “Not by one-time handouts, but by engaging those in need to help themselves. The solution is simple, yet powerful.”

In May of 2021, a Human Powered Drill was used for a well in Uganda. The same month, a clean water well was put to use at the Marubango Tanzania Secondary School. This well now gives clean water to both students and villagers, an estimated 2,178 people. Four wells were completed in the village of Sangaiwe the same month. This month, another well in Sangaiwe is providing safe drinking water where an estimated 2,206 villagers live.

The cost of a hand pump is $7,500, and with Day Trade for Good’s donation of $7,000, all from three months of Trader Lite fees, the newest Human Powered Drill in Africa is just days away.

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