Matt Poll

Matt Poll is an entrepreneur based out of Lehi, Utah. Along with his business partner, Kevin Jones, Matt started Day Trade For Good in 2020.

Philanthropy is something Matt has always been interested in. Watch the videos below to learn more about Matt Poll.

How Matt Poll Finds Charities

“It’s not just between myself and Kevin. We actually get with our entire team of people who are sharing this message. Last time I did this we came up with about 15 nonprofits.

The key thing we are looking for is national, so we’re looking for something that has a national impact. This is because our guys who are making this offering are located all over the country. So we want it to have an impact right at home. Right there in their city or state.

There are a lot of nonprofits that are just singular and just located in say… Utah or whatever. So to have someone in Florida making a $10 contribution to a nonprofit in Utah isn’t very direct.

The other thing we look for is that we want the contribution to have a direct impact. I know what the dollars are going towards. I know exactly how much I contribute will create a specific result rather than just donating to some random organization where 60 percent of the funds don’t even go where you thought they were going.”

Why $10?

“We could have done it for free. But there’s a certain level of commitment that comes with giving some dollar amount. So instead of doing it for free, we thought why not do it for a minimal amount that at least gives people the commitment to try our product. In addition, see if our product is viable or right for them.

We took all of it. Even though we have costs. Even though we have all this money we spend when we bring someone on to try our product. We said the heck with it, let’s just give the whole thing away. We found that there are enough people who go through it and find out it’s good for them. The end justifies the means.

We’ve got enough people who try it, try our $10 trial, fall in love with the product and upgrade that it covers the expenses of those who don’t.”

Why not just keep the money?

“You can have all the money you want in the world, but accumulating interest in your bank account only does so much. I think you get to a point in life where you have the things you want… you have the car you want… relationships you want… the health you want. It really becomes about what can I do to give back?

It’s really just about being human. It’s really just about being part of this thing we do as humans and being part of the tribe. I think it’s our responsibility. That when you’re gifted or blessed with resources, to find ways to help people who might not have had the same circumstances, upbringing or environmental context.”

Why Matt Poll Created Day Trade For Good

“Day Trade For Good is a way to put a positive spin on this industry that’s kind of sappy or sticky. A lot of people get into trading out of the emotion of greed and fear. This is a way to start someone out by helping them understand the reason they’re trading is to give back. It’s not for selfish reasons. It’s all to help give back to others.”

Matt Poll on Donating to Tony Robbins’ Feeding America

“Well, there’s a lot of places we could have donated. However, right now with our current economic and global pandemic that we’re experiencing, Tony Robbins (who’s at the head of Feeding America) came out with this area to help that we felt could make a big impact.

In addition, our contribution we made is actually being matched by him. So, $10 actually creates 200 meals right now which is insane.

Right now the food banks (because of COVID 19 and a lot of the stuff that’s going on in the country) are just overwhelmed. This was a way that we saw, by taking just one person’s $10 and multiplying it by hundreds and hundreds of people who are going to try our product, that we could make a big splash around the country helping with the current crisis.”

Matt Poll’s Interest in Tony Robbins’ Feeding America

“When we got present to how this is impacting people and their food, or their meals and hunger in America, we saw that as a major was that we could step in and make a difference. Here are the stats…

More than 37 million people in America, including more than 11 million children and 5.5 million seniors are facing food insecurity right now. And it’s heightened because of the crisis we’re in. In addition, there’s been a 70-percent increase because of COVID 19. So you take the 37 million people who already have food insecurity, and you multiply a 70-percent increase because of the COVID crisis, and it’s like… we’ve got some major problems to deal with.

What Tony Robbins did was find one of the most basic human needs that we need to meet with people and that is that they’re being fed.”

What Matt Poll Looks For when Selecting Charities

“Another reason that we chose Feeding America is that we know when Tony Robbins goes and vets a company or a nonprofit organization, he’s doing it from a place where he’s made sure the it isn’t a scam. He’s made sure that money is actually going to make a difference. In this case, $10 creates 200 meals. That’s enormous. He’ll make sure that it happens. I trust that because he’s raised money for other organizations.

Unfortunately, with pandemics and crises’ like this, even in the nonprofit world, you’ll see a lot of just scammy-type fundraising. The funds you thought were going to a certain cause aren’t actually creating the difference that you thought. Just $10 for 200 meals is pretty direct. But when I go donate to XYZ Nonprofit, who knows how much of that money is going to pay their executives, employees or maybe some president who’s taking 60 percent of the margin… you just really don’t know.

I like things that have a very direct, linear impact you can measure. In this case, it’s just $10 for 200 meals.”

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